What is Neurofeedback?

NeuroFeedback is essentially biofeedback for the brain. This powerful and innovative technique uses a process called operant conditioning. As the individual watches a monitor, the sound and the video are normalized as the brain is improved. These efficient pathways become permanent over time. By training the brain to function, optimal life is not so difficult.

Neurofeedback Sessions

During a neurofeedback session, the patient sits in front of a computer while sensors (small, non-invasive electrodes) are applied to his/her scalp and measure his/her brainwave activity. This information is then transferred (through a special EEG device) to the computer in front of which the patient sits, and is immediately translated into feedback: positive feedback for desired brainwave activity and negative feedback for undesired brainwave activity.

Mondern neurofeedback systems use movie watching as the activity during which the patient gets feedback for his/her brainwave activity. When the patient’s brain generates the desired brainwave activity, the patient gets to watch the movie with no disruptions: the screen gets darker and the volume goes lower as a negative feedback regardless of the kind of activity done on the computer during the training session, and this affects any activity done on the computer. The available variety of possible computer activities during therapy sessions is endless. EEG electrodes.

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