We provide one-on-one support for those who want to work through challenging events and emotions and improve their quality of life.


Work with our therapists to understand your family’s dynamic to develop strategies for long-term improvement and healthy communication. 


Trying to work out a relationship on your own can be difficult and sometimes having that outside person to help guide you back on track is all it takes. Learning healthy communication skills can make a world of difference in the life of you and your partner. 

Child & Adolescent Therapy 

Sometimes it takes a trusted outside source to come alongside your child or teen and help them navigate how they feel.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is the invitation for participants to reprocess traumatic memories by intentionally prompting the left and right hemisphere of the brain through a guided protocol that uses bilateral stimulation. Participants begin the process by focusing on specific images, thoughts, emotions, and sensations guided by the therapist to activate the left hemisphere of the brain. Participants are invited to ‘trust the process’ to allow curiosity in the experience, and by doing so, broadening the attentional field to a spacious perspective that engages the right hemisphere of the brain. Throughout the session, participants are invited to notice their present moment experience and report any new discoveries. The novelty is then integrated back into the left brain as the client is invited to discuss how this new information is relevant to the current circumstances and future goals.

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We identify & nurture where the brain has difficulty communicating.

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